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Czochralski and float zone refining are two methods for Monocrystalline silicon production, while CZ is the commonly used method. In the CZ method, to grow a single crystal, on the other hand, a monocrystalline seed is brought into contact with melted polycrystalline silicon, and the seed is pulled upward gradually while being rotated slowly. Almost all of furnace internal components are made of purified graphite material or carbon heat insulator; this process is the one using the largest number of graphite parts in the silicon semiconductor manufacturing processes.

XRD Graphite provides a range of graphite products for use as parts in monocrystalline silicon processes (CZ furnaces). We are also able to supply large-diameter products and long-life surface-treated products.

When pulling monocrystalline silicon, melting temperature is extremely high at approximately 1500°C, but isotropic graphite's excellent thermal durability helps extend product life.

Graphite can be purified down to the ppm order as well as easily machined to complicated forms. It is an absolutely necessary material for the heating elements used in semiconductor manufacture.

Graphite heating zone consists of top graphite insulation cover, bottom graphite insulation cover, main graphite tube, internal and external graphite guide cylinder, three petal graphite crucibles, graphite crucible support, graphite core rods, graphite core protection sleeves, graphite electrodes, graphite electrodes sleeves, graphite heater, graphite protection discs, graphite bottom plates, graphite threads and nuts etc. Besides, there are also top, main and bottom .

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